Am văzut cu ochii Ţara Păcii (I-II.) [by] Petru Groza, Dr.


Am văzut cu ochii Ţara Păcii (I-II.) [by] Petru Groza, Dr.


  • Travel Diary
  • Language: Romanian
  • Release date: 1955-56
  • Publisher: Carteă Rusă [Russian], Bucharest
  • Pages: 118 ; 100 p.

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Am văzut cu ochii Ţara Păcii (I-II.) [I have seen the Peace Country] [by] Petru Groza, Dr.
Bucharest, 1955-56. Editura Carteă Rusă. 118 [6] p. and 16 illustrated plates ; 100 [4] p. 12 illustrated plates. First Edition.
Publishing canvas binding. Publisher’s collage. In good condition. In the first volume, István Dobi (1898-1968) Hungarian communist politician was recommended. Petru Groza (1884-1958) Romanian politician, Prime Minister a signed.

Petru Groza (1884 – 1958) was a Romanian politician, best known as the Prime Minister of the first Communist Party-dominated governments under Soviet occupation during the early stages of the Communist regime in Romania.
Groza emerged as a public figure at the end of World War I as a notable member of the Romanian National Party (PNR), preeminent layman of the Romanian Orthodox Church, and then member of the Directory Council of Transylvania. In 1933, Groza founded a left-wing Agrarian organization known as the Ploughmen’s Front (Frontul Plugarilor). The left-wing ideas he supported earned him the nickname The Red Bourgeois.
Groza became Premier in 1945 when Nicolae Rădescu, a leading Romanian Army general who assumed power briefly following the conclusion of World War II, was forced to resign by the Soviet Union’s deputy People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, Andrei Y. Vishinsky. Under Groza’s term as premier until 1952, Romania’s King, Michael I, was forced to abdicate as the nation officially became a “People’s Republic”. Although his authority and power as Premier was compromised by his reliance upon the Soviet Union for support, Groza presided over the consolidation of Communist rule in Romania before eventually being succeeded by Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej in 1952.

István Dobi (1898 – 1968) was a Hungarian politician who was the Prime Minister of Hungary from 1948 to 1952. He was the first Communist to hold the post, joining the party shortly after it seized full control of the country in 1949.
After all non-Communist parties were formally disbanded in 1949, Dobi joined the Communist Party. In 1952, he gave up the prime ministership because Communist Party boss Mátyás Rákosi wanted that post for himself. Dobi was then promoted to Chairman of the Presidential Council (de facto president of Hungary) from 1952 until his retirement in April 1967. Through taking on numerous other high-profile roles, he eventually became the second or third most powerful man in Hungary. He supported the crushing of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. He was a winner of the Lenin Peace Prize in 1962. He died in Budapest in 1968.

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