Anna Mahler Sculptures – Salzburg Festival 1988.


Anna Mahler Sculptures – Salzburg Festival 1988.


  • Art, catalog
  • Date: 1988
  • Publisher: Verlag Galerie Welz Salzburg
  • Page 128
  • dedicated copy

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Anna Mahler Sculptures – Salzburg Festival 1988. Reflections on Anna Mahler’s oeuvre: Ernst H. Gombrich. Editors: Franz Willnauer, Marina Mahler-Fistoulari. Designe, photography: Ewald Graber.
Salzburg (Austria), 1988. (Roser Printing. – Verlag Galerie Welz Salzburg.) 128 p. richly illustrated with photographs of sculptures and portraits.
Publisher able paper envelope. „For Professor G. Bodnár in memory I his visit – Jul 1990 – Ernst Gombrich – Anna Mahler” A copy dedicated to the literary historian György Bodnár by a British art historian of Austrian origin and signed by the sculptor!

Sir Ernst Hans Josef Gombrich (Vienna, 30 March 1909 – London, 3 November 2001) is a British art historian of Austrian descent, a university professor who has worked at the Warburg Institute in London since 1936. In 1936 he emigrated to London due to racial persecution, until he retired as a staff member and then head (1959–1976) of the Warburg Library (Warburg Institute from 1944). Meanwhile, during World War II, he was an employee of the BBC’s surveillance system, involved in the analysis of German radio broadcasts.

Anna Mahler (Vienna, June 15, 1904 – London, June 3, 1988) is an Austrian painter and sculptor. Gustav Mahler was the child of composer and conductor and Alma Maria Mahler-Werfel was the child of writer and composer. His art is especially significant as a sculptor. He made busts of many artists and politicians. He married more than one; her husbands included publisher Paul Zsolnay (publisher Franz Werfel) and composer Ernst Krenek. In 1937, she won the Grand Prix of the Paris World’s Fair with a female nude sculpture. In 1938, she emigrated from Nazism through the United States with her then-husband, Albrecht Joseph, to Britain.

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