Az utolsó háború [The Last War] [by] Kir. Bulicsov [Kir Bulychev]


Az utolsó háború [The Last War] [by] Kir. Bulicsov [Kir Bulychev]


  • Science fiction
  • Language: Hungarian
  • Release date: 1975
  • Publisher: Kossuth, Budapest
  • Pages: 328

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Az utolsó háború [The Last War ; Original: Последняя война, 1970] [by] Kir. Bulicsov [Kir Bulychev]
Translated to Hungarian: Sárközy, Gyula.
[Budapest], 1975. Kossuth. 328 p. First Hungarian Edition.
Publisher hardcover binding. In good condition, minor fault. Inscribed by
„Кир Булычёв” [Kir Bulychev] to Judit Trethon (1951-2008) Sci-fi writer, editor, film historian.

Kir Bulychev or Bulychov (Russian: Кир Булычёв) (1934 – 2003) was a pen name of Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheiko (И́горь Все́володович Може́йко), a Soviet Russian science fiction writer and historian. His magnum opus is a children’s science fiction series Alisa Selezneva, although most of his books are adult-oriented.
Mozheiko received a Master’s degree in 1965 and a Ph.D. in 1981. Since 1963 he worked in the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He was a specialist in the medieval history of Burma and wrote a biography of Aung San.

He first used the pseudonym Kir Bulychev in 1965, for his very first science fiction story, A Girl Nothing Can Happen To. It was the first in what will become his most popular book series, Alisa Selezneva, that eventually comprised more than 50 novellas and short stories. This children’s science fiction series is centered around the titular heroine, a teenage girl from the future, who travels through space and time, solves mysteries, makes discoveries and saves endangered peoples and species. Bulychev kept writing Alisa for the rest of his life – the last book came out in 2003, months before his death. There were four animated and three life-action adaptations of Alisa stories, as well as tie-in comics and video games.

Another of Bulychev’s best-known works is a series of short stories about Veliky Guslar, a Russian town that attracts all kinds of aliens and supernatural beings. This fictional city is based on the real city of Veliky Ustyug. He also wrote many standalone science fiction novels, including The Last War (1970), Thirteen Years of Travel, Those Who Survive (adapted as the animated film Pereval), The Witches Cave (filmed), River Chronos and Abduction of a Sorcerer.

Bulychev wrote scripts for more than 20 movies; according to Mir Fantastiki magazine, he is the most adapted Russian science fiction author. Besides his own writing, he translated numerous American science fiction stories into Russian.

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