Lehár, Franz (Ferenc): Libellentanz (sheet music)


Lehár, Franz (Ferenc): Libellentanz (sheet music)


  • sheet music
  • Date: 1923
  • Publisher: W. Karczag. Vienna
  • Page: 63
  • + autograph

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Lehár, Franz (Ferenc): Libellentanz (sheet music)
Operetta in two acts by Carlo Lombardo and Dr. A (lfred) M (aria) Willner. Musik von – -.
Leipzig – Vienna – New-York, (1923) W. Karczag. – Ny .: Musikaliendruckerei „Nora”, Vienna. 63 p. First edition.
Publisher in a lithographed drawing paper cover by Lilian Marischka-Karczag (1901-1981). The publisher, Vilmos Karcag, is the director of Teather and der Wien in Vienna, who is a good friend of Lehár and with whom he has a close working relationship. We owe the illustrious sheet music cover to her daughter. A folder was created for the sheet music booklet using the original cover illustration, which is designed to carefully store the spared and precious sheet music.
Includes: The signature of Ferenc Lehár (1870-1948), a world-famous Hungarian composer, operetta composer and conductor. (12.5 × 10 cm.)

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