Poems [by] Ady, Endre [Bonnerjea, René translator]


Poems [by] Ady, Endre [Bonnerjea, René translator]


  • Poems
  • Language: English
  • Release date: 1941
  • Publisher: Dr. Vajna & Bokor, Budapest
  • Pages: 142

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Ady, Endre: Poems
Translated from the hungarian and with an introduction by René Bonnerjea.
Budapest, 1941. Dr. Vajna & Bokor. [2] 142 p.
First English edition.
Publishing paperback.

Inscribed “To Mr. Földessy with the comp liments of the author René Bonnerjea 17, 3, 1949.”

Selection of 64 poems in all by the noted Hungarian lyric poet (1877-1919) reworked for English readers, with the translator’s introduction (and tribute poem). Scarce wartime production; one of an unspecified number of copies, printed under the supervision of Desiderius Bokor and Anthony Karpati.

Földessy, Gyula (1874-1964) Hungarian literary historian. The 1910s belonged to a narrow group of Endre Ady. In 1911 he became the caretaker of the volumes, the poets’ “poet-administrator “. In 1919 he published his first writing Adyról. Published by the poet’s early poems, the works left behind.

Professor René Bonnerjea Hindu-British-born internationally renowned linguist living in Hungary, Eötvös Collegium teacher for 40 years.

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