Signed by Max Pauer (1866-1945, pianist) letter


Signed by Max Pauer (1866-1945, pianist) letter


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Letter from Max Pauer (1866-1945) German pianist, music teacher by typewriter Rózsi, Mannaberg  (1895-1986) Hungarian pianist, music teacher, Max Pauer autograph signing. Württ. Hochschule für Musik in Stuttgart on headed notepaper. Date: 1924 On June 23rd

Max von Pauer (1866 in London – 1945 in Jugenheim) was a German pianist and music teacher.

Rózsi, Mannaberg  (Budapest, April 18, 1895 – Budapest, April 6, 1986), Pianist, pedagogue. The National Conservatory he studied from 1908. In 1918-21, the National Conservatory teacher, between 1921 to 1926 with her husband (Alexander Sebastian cellist) worked in Gothenburg, Stora Teater (Grand Theatre), opera troupe. From 1924 the Swedish Gothenburg radio broadcasts of featured. From 1927 he was a frequent participant in the Hungarian Radio.


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